OER Foundation demonstrates an innovative and low cost cloud hosting solution for OER-enabled online courses in the Pacific

The OER Foundation implemented its digital learning ecosystem in the Pacific region using cloud hosting services which cost only US$46 per month for the Commonwealth of Learning. Data generated from the inaugural Digital skills for OER Sharing course offered to 1540 Pacific school teachers indicates that the same infrastructure can support 10,000 learners, thus demonstrating the cost efficiencies Pacific nations can achieve by adopting cloud-based, Free and Open Source Software solutions.


Open infrastructure award for OER Foundation’s FOSS digital learning ecosystem

As a recipient of a 2021 Open Infrastructure Award for Excellence from Open Education Global, the OER Foundation has achieved international recognition for its Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) digital learning ecosystem.

The OER Foundation’s digital  learning ecosystem was recognised for the Open Infrastructure Award because it is:

  1. scalable 
  2. cost effective 
  3. innovative
  4. designed for collaboration 
  5. suitable for use in developing countries