Partnership with OERu is about making connections with like-minded institutions around the world to provide currently excluded learners with affordable opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and recognised credentials.

Partnership with the OERu generates manifest institutional benefits: – demonstrated social good, increased global recognition, and access to sustainable solutions for open online learning. The OERu network has established a global leadership role in building an open source ecosystem for transnational micro-credentialing using OER-enabled online courses. 

OERu partners

Higher education institutions (universities, community colleges, polytechnics and post-secondary institutes)  may join our innovation partnership by contributing an annual membership fee. Membership fees cover the shared infrastructure costs for developing and hosting open online courses, which provide learners with free and flexible opportunities for study.

By joining OERu, partner institutions increase access to more diverse global markets, raise brand awareness, and better achieve community-service goals. The  annual membership fee of US$4000, which has not increased since 2011, includes free hosting of all OERu courses, which may be institutionally branded to support your students.

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OERu Outreach Partnership programme

Qualifying institutions in the developing world can become OERu partners for free through our OERu Outreach Partnership Programme.

As a social innovation partnership, we recognise that many institutions in the developing world do not have the fiscal resources to contribute membership fees. Endorsed by the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers in 2019, the OER Foundation established the Outreach Partnership Programme to widen participation  and share the benefits of OER-enabled courses. This programme has attracted institutions from Africa (Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe) and Asia (India, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan).

Ready to become an OERu Outreach partner?