Fern openingThe Open Education Resource Foundation (OERF) is an open organisation that deploys open solutions and processes from concept to implementation.

Informed by principles of transparency, Open Educational Practices at the OERF are definedĀ  by multiple dimensions of openness:

  • Open Educational Resources (OER): All open online courses published by the OERu are based entirely on OER.
  • Open policy: As general practice in their official capacity, OERF staff do not participate in projects where the outputs are not licensed under a free cultural works approved open license.
  • Open planning: All OERu planning meetings are streamed on the Internet with opportunities for open participation. The OERF maintains a public record of all meeting reports on WikiEducator.
  • Open design and development: OERu courses are designed and developed in an open wiki thereby enabling subject matter experts and learning designers from around the world to collaborate in producing high quality online courses.
  • Open licensing: All outputs of the OERF are published under Creative Commons open licenses.
  • Open source software: The OERF promotes the use of open file formats and only uses free and open source software (FOSS). Apart from significant institutional cost advantages, the Foundation thereby ensures that learners do not have to purchase software licenses to participate.

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Image credit: Fern by oom_endro published under Pixabay License.